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How To Unmute FL Studio (Quick Guide)

If you are trying to unmute clips within the playlist view, you can select the desired muted clips and then use the Alt+Shift+M keyboard shortcut to unmute them. Small green lights on both playlist and mixer tracks can also be clicked to mute/unmute them, respectively. 

Unmuting In FL Studio

For new music producers using FL Studio, it can be very frustrating when you are unsure how to unmute some aspects of your project. 

To help with this, we will look at some of the easiest ways you can unmute parts of your song via keyboard shortcuts.

Once you are done with this FL Studio tutorial, you will know how to unmute tracks and clips in the playlist and also do the same with tracks in the mixer, so you can get back to focusing on your music production! 

Let’s jump in!

Unmuting In The Playlist

In FL Studios’ playlist, you can quickly see which clips are muted as they will be greyed out compared to all of the other clips. 

A fast and easy way to unmute both individual or groups of clips is by using the select tool (Alt+E) to grab select all of the muted clips. Once selected, you can use the Alt+Shift+M shortcut to unmute any chosen audio clip. 

It is also worth mentioning that you can left-click on the small green button the playlist track to mute/unmute it, or right-click to solo that track and mute all others. 

As with the clips, you can tell when an entire track is muted as it will be greyed out, and the small green light or mute button will be out. 

Unmuting In The Mixer

Unmuting in the mixer is done similarly as with the playlist, as the small green light directly below the mixer track name indicates whether or not that track is muted or not.

To unmute a mixer track, simply left-click on the small green light mentioned above, or if it is soloed, try using right-click. As with the other sections, you can tell when the mixer track is muted as it will be greyed out, and the light will be off.  

You can also apply the same method to individual effects on a selected mixer track. They each have a green light/mute button next to them which can be clicked to mute or unmute that specific effect.

Unmuting In The Sequencer 

Following the same methods above, you can also mute and unmute individual samples or midi tracks from within the step sequencer. 

To do this, left-click on the green light indicator to the left of the desired sequencer track, which will be greyed out if muted. 

Related Questions 

What Is the Benefit of Soloing Tracks in FL Studio? 

In any popular digital audio workstation like Pro Tools, Logic Pro, or FL Studio Producer Edition, you will find the ability to solo tracks, which can be a helpful feature when trying to work on specific aspects of your track. 

Soloing the audio track means you can hear no other tracks in your project. This gives you a quick way to hone in a specific sound and work on it without different sounds getting in the way. 

Why Are There so Many Ways to Mute in FL Studio? 

FL Studio allows users to mute many different aspects of their projects. It gives you the most versatile options, meaning that you can continually hone in on the element that you want to listen to, such as vocals or chords. 

It can be slightly overwhelming for new Fruity Loops users to see how many different ways you can mute various aspects of your project. If you can’t hear a specific part of your song, it can be tricky to know where to look to unmute it. 

However, this is something you will learn over time, and hopefully, this article can help those users!  

Why Can’t I Hear Anything in FL Studio? 

If you are not getting audio from any part of FL Studio, this is likely to do with your audio settings rather than having things soloed. You may want to check your audio settings and ensure you are using the correct audio device selected there, such as ASIO or your audio interface.

It is worth checking that you have not soloed an unused audio track in either playlist or mixer view.

Recording Audio Isn’t working in FL Studio? 

If you have issues recording audio in FL Studio, you will want to check your inputs and outputs to ensure that you are using the recording device you wish to use. You can check which device you have selected at the bottom right of the selected channel.  

Can’t Hear a Playlist Track Even Though It Isn’t Muted? 

If you can’t hear a specific playlist track even though you have checked that it is unmuted, then you may also want to check that the sample/instrument used on the playlist track is not muted on the mixer.

If you are still not hearing anything from that audio track, then you may want to check if you are using an automation clip-on on that specific track. It can be easy to forget about automation clips you have created, and there is a chance that there is one affecting that track or making it silent. 

Why Is the Playlist Track Muted After It Is Consolidated? 

When you consolidate a track in the playlist view, you will notice that the original track gets muted. FL Studio does this because if it were to remain unmuted, you would hear two of the same tracks playing simultaneously.

Should I Consolidate My FL Studio Playlist Tracks? 

Consolidating tracks can be a great way of saving power in your larger projects in FL Studio, so this technique will be more beneficial for those looking to save CPU power. This is particularly true when using any VST plugin or synth that is heavy on the CPU.
It can still be helpful for any music producer, as it can be a great way of committing fully to an idea and moving on with it. 

Final Words

Knowing where to look to unmute different parts of your project in FL Studio is very useful for newer users. 

It will solve some headaches down the line as it can be very frustrating now knowing how to unmute a specific track or sample. 

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