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How To Delete Automation FL Studio (Quick Guide)

To quickly delete an automation clip, simply right-click on it within the playlist view, and it will disappear. To completely delete the automation, you can right-click on it from within the automation browser to the right of the playlist view and select delete. 

Deleting Automation In FL Studio

Automation clips are a great feature within FL Studio that can help bring any music production to life. Having said that, unwanted automation clips in your project can cause you some headaches when producing. 

It is worthwhile knowing how to quickly remove them within Fruity Loops studio. 

Firstly we will look at how you delete the automation clip from your playlist project. We will then look at how you can permanently delete the automation from your entire project. 

Step 1 – Deleting Automation From The Playlist

In this first section, we will look at how you can quickly remove an automation clip from your project in the playlist view.

To do this, simply right-click on the top bar of the automation clip, and it will immediately disappear from your playlist view. 

If you want to delete multiple automation clips quickly, keep holding right-click after deleting the first clip, and drag your mouse over the other automation clips you want to delete. 

If you want to get the automation clip data back, simply press CTRL+Z

Step 2 – Deleting Automation From A Project 

Using the method above, you only remove the automation from the playlist view. In some cases, you may want to delete it from the entire project. 

Luckily this is easily done within FL Studio. All you need to do is navigate to the automation clip browser to the left of the playlist view. Here, you can right-click on the desired automation clip and select the delete option

As with the step above, if you want to undo the deletion of the automation clip, simply press CTRL+Z. Make sure that you do this before too long, though, as otherwise, you may have done too many actions to be able to go back and undo it!

Why Does the Automation Not Delete Sometimes when Right Clicking it?

To delete an automation clip in FL Studio, you want to make sure that you right-click on the top bar that runs along the top of it. In this bar, you will see the name of the automation clip. If you simply right click on the main part of the automation clip, you will find that you make a new automation point/ control point instead of deleting it. 

Why Does the Automation Stay in The Project Even After Being Deleted from The Playlist?

Fruity Loops likely keeps the automation accessible within your project in case you want to use it again at any point. You may continue working on a project only to realize that you want to use your deleted automation clip again, which is why this feature can come in handy. 

Even though the automation clip might remain in your project, it is not affecting anything. You don’t need to worry about it affecting your song still after it is deleted from the playlist window. 

How Do You Create an Automation Clip of Any Parameter In FL Studio? 

For native FL Studio plugins, you can just right-click on the desired parameter knob within the plugin or effect. In the dropdown menu, select the create automation clip option. You will notice that a new automation clip has been made in the next available playlist tack.

For any third-party synth you are using in FL Studio, you can click on the small arrow at the top right of the plugin window, just to the left of the cog symbol. Clicking on this will open a dropdown menu where you can select the browse parameters option.

You will now be able to select the desired parameter from the browser, right-click on it, and create an automation clip from it. 

How Can You Get Finer Control Over Automation Clips In FL Studio?

Since the most recent FL Studio update, you can now double left-click on any automation clip to open up a new window. This allows users to have much greater control over a specific automation curve within FL Studio. 

You can make very fine adjustments to the automation itself from this window. In addition, you can add multiple parameters to the automation, meaning that one single automation track can affect various parameters from different plugins or multiple instruments.  

Can You Create Automation Clips in Other DAWs? 

All popular DAWs such as Pro Tools, Ableton, and Logic Pro X allow you to make automation adjustments in different ways. Still, they all work in the same way for the most part. Automations within FL Studio have become better and better over time, so it is up there with the best in that regard. 

Why Does Automation Sometimes Cause Crackling Audio? 

If you are experiencing crackling audio while using automation FL Studio, it is likely due to the plugin or parameter you are adjusting. 

For example, some plugins require lots of processing power when adjusting parameters, which could cause crackling when combined with the rest of your project playing. In these cases, you can try creating automation of a less CPU-intensive plugin that still produces a similar result to what you want.

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How Do You Put Automation on A MIDI Clip In FL Studio? 

To create automation on a MIDI clip, you can follow the same steps discussed in this article. This also extends to automating parameters within the VST you are using to create the sound. 

If you are quickly looking to create automation of wither volume, panning, or pitch, this can be done directly from within the piano roll. 
To do this, click on the small dropdown arrow at the top right of the note parameter section below the main piano roll. From that dropdown menu, you will be able to select and then modulate those three primary parameters from the piano roll.  

Final Words

That’s it! Nice and simple.

Knowing how to delete automation clips within FL Studio quickly is essential for any music producer using the software, and now you know the best way to do so.

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