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How Much SSD Storage Do I Need For Music Production? (Answered)

The amount of SSD (Solid State Drive) storage that you need for music production depends on how serious of a producer you are, how much music you produce, and the size of your projects, sample libraries, and VST instruments. Generally, I recommend having at least 500GB to 1TB of storage for music production.

SSD Storage And Music Production

It can be hard to know exactly how much SSD storage is enough for music production. Everyone’s needs are different, and there is no set answer. 

However, insufficient SSD storage can hold you back and put a huge damper on your music production!

I have a 1TB (Terabyte) drive, and I would say this is a good starting point for a serious music producer.

This in-depth article will look at and see how much solid-state drive storage you need for music production.

What Is The Difference Between Hard Disk Drive Storage And Solid State Drive Storage?

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) storage are two different methods of doing the same thing; storing files.

HDD and SSD side by side

HDDs are a more classic method of storing files that use spinning platters to read and write data.

SSDs utilize more advanced technology that stores data on memory chips that you can access very quickly and easily.

Although both storage methods are perfectly workable, SSD storage is a much more reliable and efficient method of storing files.

Do I Need SSD Storage For Music Production?

While you definitely can use Hard Disk Drive storage for music production, I highly recommend using Solid State Drive storage methods instead. 

SSD storage devices are faster more energy efficient and make far less noise than HDD devices.

This is because SSD storage devices are fastermore energy efficient, and make far less noise than HDD devices. HDDs can sometimes even be noisy enough to interfere with your recordings.

Solid State Drive Storage devices are the obvious choice when it comes to storing files in the context of music production.

How Much SSD Do I Need For Music Production?

Music production storage needs can vary significantly from producer to producer. 

The amount of Solid State Drive storage you will need for music production depends on how often you produce music, how much music you make, the size of your plugin/virtual instrument collection, and the size of your project files.

For example, I have tons of large virtual instruments, sample libraries, plugins, and projects. Therefore, I have a 1TB internal SSD and a 1TB external SSD for backing up files that I do not need anymore. 

My 1TB External SSD

With that said, I recommend having at least 512 GB to 1TB SSD storage if you can afford it. This will give you a solid amount of storage and room to grow as a music producer.

Technically, you can produce music with any amount of system storage. Still, it is essential to research and keep your music production needs in mind when selecting the size of your computer’s SSD.

Is 128GB SSD Enough For Music Production?

If you are a hobby music producer who only works on music every once in a while, you might be able to get by with 128GB SSD storage on your computer. However, I do not recommend it. 

Is 128GB SSD Enough For Music Production

128GB of storage will go a lot quicker than you think. 

It’s always better to have a bit more storage than you think you might need than not enough; this will leave room for you to grow as a music producer. 

Is a 256GB SSD Enough For Music Production?

If you are a beginner music producer just getting into it, 256GB of SSD storage is not a bad place to start, but it only leaves a little room for expansion!

Is 256GB SSD Enough For Music Production 1

It might not be worth spending a bunch of money on SSD storage for everyone, but I think it’s a good idea to have more storage than you might need. 

Is 512GB SSD Enough For Music Production?

In my opinion, 512GB of SSD storage is a solid amount for a lot of music producers, especially because you can always supplement this amount with external storage if you need to. 

Is 512GB SSD Enough For Music Production

Although more internal storage capacity might be a good idea if you are a professional or frequently working music producer, 512GB is an excellent place to start for beginner to intermediate music producers.

How Much SSD Storage Should a Music Production Pro Have?

If you are a super serious music producer with a ton of samples/virtual instruments, frequently takes on projects, and constantly producing music, you will need more storage than other producers.

For a professional music producer, I recommend having anywhere from 1-2TB of internal storage and 1-2TB of external hard drive storage that you can use to back up and archive files.

A large amount of storage will allow you to work at a higher caliber and not worry about storing your projects, sample libraries, etc. 

The last thing you will want as a professional producer is running out of storage space mid-project…don’t let it happen to you!  

Related Questions

What Specs Should a Music Production Computer Have?

In my opinion, an entry-level music production computer should at least have…
– 256GB of storage (HDD/SSD)
– 8GB of RAM
– A four-core processor with a clock speed of at least 2.5Ghz 
– A 64-bit OS (Operating System)

For a more serious music production computer, I recommend having…
– 1TB of storage (HDD/SSD) (even more wouldn’t hurt!)
– 16GB of RAM (32GB/64GB is even better!)
 – A six-core processor with a clock speed of 3.2Ghz (the faster, the better!)
– A 64-bit OS

When it comes to music production, the more advanced your specs are, the more your computer will be able to handle!

Check this article for our complete step-by-step music production PC build.

Do You Need An External Drive For Music Production?

While you do not necessarily need an external drive for music production, I highly recommend having one.

If you have an external hard drive, you can use it to back up your project files and other important music production assets. This will ensure that all your files will be safe if your computer’s hard drive fails.

Although you don’t need an external drive to produce music, I believe every music producer should have one.  

When Can I Delete Files For Completed Projects Off Of My Computer?

When it comes to deleting files off of my computer for personal or client projects that I have completed, I like to play it safe. 

I will only consider deleting files off my computer’s hard drive if I have completed the project and it is released. 

Also, even after I delete files for a project from my computer, I still keep them backed up on an external drive indefinitely; you never know when a client will want to do a remix or something like that, so I never entirely delete anything that I work on. 

Final Words

As you can see, there is no one size fits all answer to the question of how much solid-state drive storage you need for music production.

It depends on your personal needs and how often you produce music.

For example, someone who occasionally produces music for fun can probably get by with 128GB of SSD storage. On the other hand, a serious music producer with an extensive collection of plugins, samples, and virtual instruments will need at least 1TB of SSD storage.

Before you choose how much SSD storage your computer will have, consider your music producer needs.

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