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Is REAPER Free: Fact Or Fiction? (All You Need To Know)


Although REAPER offers a free 60-day trial, it is not free. After the 60-day trial period, you must purchase a license to use REAPER. If you do not do so, you are technically stealing, even if you can get away with it.


If you are looking into downloading REAPER, you must know its price and different licensing options.

If you do not, you might make an investment that you will regret.

I have been a REAPER user for about ten years, and I understand the DAW’s cost and its different licensing options.

In this article, we will see if REAPER is free or not, as well as its various licenses.

Is REAPER Free In 2023?

No, REAPER is not a free DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

However, it is a very low-cost DAW when you compare it to sure others.

Is REAPER Free After 60 Days?

REAPER does offer a free download of a 60-day trial, but it is only a trial.

You must pay for a license to use REAPER after the 60-day trial.

How Much Does REAPER Cost?

The REAPER DAW currently has two different price points.

Whether you intend to use REAPER for personal or commercial purposes, REAPER will cost you between $60 and $225.

Types Of REAPER Licenses

Here are the types of REAPER licenses and their corresponding price points:

  1. 60-day trial license: The 60-day trial is free but only for 60 days. It is a great way to see if REAPER is the proper digital audio production software. Still, you will have to purchase after the 60 days if you want to use REAPER further. 
  2. Discounted license: The discounted license only costs $60. This is an excellent price for a high-quality DAW such as REAPER. Users that qualify for the discounted license are individuals that use it only for personal use, individuals/businesses who make less than $20,000 annually, or educational/non-profit organizations.
  3. Commercial license: The commercial license costs $225, which is still okay for permitting commercial use of the DAW. Suppose you or your organization is not small enough to qualify for the discounted license. In that case, you will have to pay for REAPER’s commercial license.
Showing different REAPER licences

What Comes With The REAPER License?

The REAPER license grants you access to use the full version of Cockos REAPER.

This includes all of its featuresplugins, etc. It is worth mentioning, however, that REAPER does not have any sounds or a virtual instrument collection.


For more information on what comes with REAPER, check out our article on the plugins included with REAPER.

How Long Does A REAPER License Last For?

A REAPER license is a one-time purchase.

This means that you only have to pay for a license to use REAPER once, and you can use it for the rest of your life.

How Does REAPER’s Licensing Work?

After you purchase a license for REAPER, you will receive a license key that will grant you access to use REAPER perpetually.

Can I Install REAPER On Multiple Computers?

Yes, you can install REAPER on multiple computers simultaneously as long as you only use it on one computer at a time. 

REAPER will run on multiple computers simultaneously, but this will violate the terms of your agreement with REAPER.

What Happens If You Don’t Buy A REAPER License?

If you do not pay for a REAPER license, chances are you will not get into trouble as long as you aren’t a huge artist.

However, you will technically be stealing, which is against the law. I’ll always remember when I got an email from a famous band’s lawyer for illegally downloading their music.

Although the choice is yours, I recommend you pay for the REAPER license if you want to use it. It is only $60 anyway.

Is REAPER Worth Paying For?

Yes, REAPER is an incredible DAW that is well worth its cost.

It would be best if you researched before choosing a digital audio workstation. Still, if you have decided that REAPER suits you, the answer is yes, REAPER is worth paying for!


Want to see how REAPER stacks up against another DAW? Check out our comparison on Studio One versus REAPER.

Related Questions

Can You Pay Monthly For REAPER?

No, REAPER is not something that you make a monthly payment on.

It is a music production software that you purchase a one-time license to use. Although you must pay the total cost of a REAPER license at once, it is a relatively low cost. 

Does REAPER Offer An Educational Discount?

REAPER does not explicitly offer an educational discount. Still, if you are a student or an educational organization, you qualify for the discounted REAPER license.

The discounted REAPER license is much cheaper than the commercial license.

Can You Legally Make Money Recording And Producing Using REAPER If You Did Not Pay For A License?

No, if you do not pay for a license to use REAPER, you cannot legally make money by recording or producing music.

You must purchase a license to use REAPER to make money in the music industry.  

Why Is REAPER Not As Popular As Some Other DAWs?

The main reason that REAPER is not as famous as some DAWs is that it has not been around for nearly as long.

For example, DAWs like Pro Tools and Logic Pro has been around for 30 years, while REAPER has only been out since 2006.

REAPER will continue to grow in popularity as time passes and more people learn about its capabilities.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Programs For Audio And Music Production?

Here are some of the more popular DAWs within the world of audio and music production:

– Logic Pro
– Cubase
– Ableton
– FL Studio
– Pro Tools
– Cockos REAPER
– Studio One
– Adobe Audition

With this wide range of excellent audio and music production software, it’s hard to pick the best DAW!

Is REAPER An Acronym For Something?

REAPER stands for Rapid Environment For Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording. 


A key thing to know is how to get your REAPER projects onto a new setup. Check out our article on how to move REAPER projects to a new computer.

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