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How To Preview Sounds In FL Studio (Simple Guide)

To quickly preview a sound in FL Studio, you need to open up the desired sound file in the browser on the left of the DAW. Once opened, simply left-click on the sound to hear a preview of it. 

Previewing Sounds In Fl Studio

Previewing your downloaded samples in FL Studio quickly is an essential trick for any producer using the DAW. Previewing sounds lets users audition sounds for use within their projects. 

Luckily, it can be done very easily within Fruity Loops Studio. 

Locating The Sound File

First, you will want to locate the audio file you are looking to preview. 

To do this, make sure that the file or sample pack is in a recognized directory within the Files & Folders settings menu. 

If you cannot find your file in the directory, simply click on the folder icon in one of the unused directories and select the folder in which the sample/samples are located. 

Once done, you will see this sample in the main browser to the left of the DAW.

Previewing The Sound

Now that you have located the sound you are trying to preview, simply left-click on it to hear it. 

It is worth noting that if the sample is pretty long, it will be cut off, as the audio preview only lasts a certain amount of time. 

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Related Questions 

What Are the Benefits of Previewing a Sound? 

Previewing a sound lets you quickly get an idea of whether or not it will fit into your current project. Usually, producers will preview a large selection of samples before finding the right one, for example, with a snare or kick drum sample. 

It can also be a great way to quickly generate new ideas or inspiration for where to take your project next.

Do I Need to Preview Sounds In FL Studio? 

There are no faster ways of auditioning a wide range of sounds for use in your project than by previewing them. For this reason, it is an essential skill within any digital audio workstation. Once you have narrowed down your sample selection, you are more likely to spend less time previewing sounds, as you already know what you are looking for. 

Can You Preview Sounds in All DAWs? 

Popular DAWs such as Logic Pro X, Ableton, Pro Tools, and FL Studio all feature a comprehensive preview function that gives users a fast and straightforward way to search for and preview sounds. 

They all use a different approach, and some search engines work better than others. For example, FL Studios’ search feature in the FL Studio browser is notorious for not being very good compared to its competitors. With that being said, all in all, they achieve very similar results. 

Why Can’t I Hear the Whole Sample in The Preview? 

If you find that the sample you are trying to preview is being cut off abruptly, then it is likely to do with the sample being too long, as the preview only lasts a certain amount of time.

If you want to hear the whole sample, you can simply click and drag it into the playlist and play it through there. 

Should I Always Preview My Sounds Before Using Them?

Previewing is useful when you are not 100% sure what samples sound like. Still, if you are already familiar with a sample and know it will fit into your project, there is no real need to preview it. 

Why Can’t I Preview Certain Sounds In FL Studio? 

You can only preview specific file formats in the browser, such as MP3 and WAV files. These are the main audio file types and are small enough to be previewed without issue. 

If you are having trouble previewing certain files, it may be because it is in a file format that is not recognized or compatible with the audio preview function. These file types include any MIDI file, Preset, or template. To solve this problem, it is best to organize your files to have only playable file formats in your sample libraries. This avoids any further confusion down the line. 

Can You Preview Presets In FL Studio? 

Unfortunately, there is no way to preview presets in FL Studio unless using specific third-party plugins. Luckily, in most cases, you can very quickly load up different presets within a plugin, allowing users to quickly flip through and test out a wide range of presets. 

In some specific cases, a VST will allow you to have a short audio preview of the preset before actually loading it up. However, this is usually the case with more curated sounds, such as Arcade by Output. 

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