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REAPER On IPad (Music Production On-The-Go)

Unfortunately, REAPER is not currently available for the iPad or any device other than a computer or laptop computer. However, it can be used as a REAPER controller. You can use other DAWs on the iPad, such as FL Studio, GarageBand, Cubasis, Auxy Pro, KORG Gadget 2 Le, etc.

Music Production on iPad

Not being able to use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on your iPad/iPad Pro is definitely a letdown.

Although the REAPER DAW is not currently available for the iPad or any device other than a computer, there are other great options for DAWs that you can use on the iPad.

REAPER is my DAW of choice, but if I want to produce a track on the go, I have other programs that I also like to use.

I am going to show you some DAWs that you can use on the iPad as a substitute for REAPER.

Best DAWs To Use On an Ipad

Here are my top three favorite DAWs that are available for the iPad and why:


I enjoy Garageband so much for the iPad because it is so compatible with it compared to other DAWs. After all, both products are from Apple.


GarageBand is so highly functional with the iPad, but it also comes with a ton of virtual instruments, sounds, and loops that make it super easy to produce on the go.

FL Studio

Another fantastic DAW for the iPad is FL Studio.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio comes with various sounds and tools for on-the-go music production like GarageBand.

A bonus of FL Studio mobile is that you can use it on all types of devices, not just the iPad and iPhone. 


My other favorite digital audio workstation for the iPad/iPad Pro is Cubasis.

Cubase App On ios and Android

Steinberg makes Cubasis, the same company that developed Cubase. Cubasis is just the company’s mobile version of the DAW.

Cubasis supports audio, and MIDI has a collection of virtual instruments and is a full-service DAW that you can use on the iPad.

Other Good iPad DAWs

Here are a few other decent DAWs for the iPad/ iPad Pro:

  • Auxy Pro
  • KORG Gadget 2 LE
  • Music Maker JAM
  • Medly
  • AKAI iMPC 2

Can You Download REAPER On iPad?

No, REAPER is not available for download or use on the iPad.

If you want to use REAPER, you need to use a computer or a laptop.

Is There a Remote Control App For REAPER?

No, there is no remote control app available for REAPER.

However, you can use any device as a REAPER remote by clicking Options>Control/OSC/Web>Add>Web Browser Device and then entering the URL that REAPER gives you into your browser of choice. 

Connecting REAPER Remote Device Video Guide

Now you can use any device as a REAPER controller!

How Do I Use My iPad As a MIDI Controller For REAPER?

First off, you can only do this on a Mac, not a Windows device.

Also, you will need the ‘TouchOSC‘ app from the app store.

Once you have both of these items complete, plug your iPad into your Mac using a USB cable, open up the ‘Audio MIDI Setup‘ app on your computer, and enable your iPad in the ‘Audio Devices Panel.’

Next, open up TouchOSC on your iPad, enable ‘TouchOSC Bridge,’ allow for USB connection, enable ‘CoreMIDI,‘ select ‘Keys,’ and press done.

Now, go to REAPER, click Options>Preferences>MIDI Devices, and enable input for your iPad.

Finally, you can insert a track, add a virtual instrument pluginset the MIDI input for your iPad, arm the track to record, and boom! 

You’re good to go. Now you are using your iPad as a MIDI controller!

Will REAPER Work On Android?

No, you cannot use the REAPER DAW on any device besides a computer or laptop computer.

The only thing you can use an Android for when it comes to REAPER is controlling the DAW session itself. 

Refer to the ‘Is There a Remote Control App For REAPER‘ section above and follow these same steps.

Related Questions

Can You Control REAPER with an iPad?

Yes, although there is no way to use the full REAPER DAW on an iPad, you can still use it as a REAPER controller.

To do this, click Options>Control/OSC/Web>Add>Web Browser Interface and then type in the URL that REAPER gives you in your designated browser.

This will open up a REAPER controller for you to use on any device.

REAPER vs FL Studio, which Is Better?

This depends on what you want to use a digital audio workstation for.

For example, REAPER is excellent for recording, mixing, and mastering. Still, it does not have any virtual instruments, loops, samples, etc.

FL Studio, however, is fantastic for beat making and music production because it does have virtual instruments, loops, samples, etc.

Can You Use REAPER on an iPhone?

No, REAPER is not available for the iPhone.

However, you can use your iPhone as a REAPER controller by clicking Options>Control/OSC/Web>Add>Web Browser Interface and typing in the URL REAPER gives you.

This will take you to a REAPER controller page on your iPhone.

Final Words

Although, unfortunately, you cannot currently use REAPER on an iPad, keep in mind that there are other DAWs that you can use on these devices. 

My personal recommendation for a digital audio workstation for the iPad is GarageBand because of its excellent compatibility with Apple devices and its collection of virtual instruments.

If you’d like to learn more, check out this article looking at what artists use REAPER.

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