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Can Logic Pro Run On An Ipad? (For The On-The-Go Producer)

No, unfortunately, Logic Pro cannot run on the iPad. There is not currently an iPhone or iPad app for Logic Pro. However, there is an app called Logic Remote that you can use on your iPhone or iPad to control the Logic session running on your Apple computer externally.

Logic Pro For iPad 

The fact that you cannot use Logic on the iPad is one of the main drawbacks of the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). 

Thankfully, there is an alternative solution for on-the-go audio/music production using your iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air, etc.).

Even though there is not currently an iPad app for it, I still think Logic is an incredible and flexible DAW. 

In this quick-look article, we will look at why you cannot run Logic Pro on an iPad and an alternative solution.

Can Logic Pro Run On iPad?

Can Logic Pro Run On An Ipad

Unfortunately, no, you cannot run Logic Pro on the iPad. 

This is because Logic is a Mac OS-only program, and there is no iPad app for it, at least not yet. 

While it has not yet been officially announced by Apple, many people believe Logic Pro for the iPad is closer than ever before. All we can do is wait and see!

Alternative Solution

An alternative solution for someone looking to produce music on the go is to use GarageBand to write and record while you’re out and about and then transfer your work into a Logic session once you are back at the studio.


GarageBand has plenty of instruments and sounds and is honestly not a bad DAW. 

Obviously, Logic is much more powerful and has a ton of features that GarageBand does not. Still, GarageBand is an excellent piece of gear for fast and easy-on-the-go production.

While it is not a perfect solution, using GarageBand to produce music on the go and then transferring your work to Logic later is still viable. 

Hopefully, Logic will be available for the iPad sooner rather than later, but in the meantime, we must adapt to overcome this! 

Is Logic Pro Only For Mac? 

Logic Pro is only available for Mac. If you do not have an Apple computer, you will not be able to use Logic.

Sadly, if you want to get on the Logic bus, you must invest in a Mac OS computer! 

Can You Use Logic On iPad Air?

2022 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray (5th Generation)

No, you cannot use Logic on the iPad Air, the iPad Mini, or any iPad, for that matter. 

The reason for this is that there is no Logic iPad app at this time. While it would be nice to be able to use Logic Pro on the iPad, it is not yet a possibility. 

Does Logic Pro Have a Mobile App?

There is not yet a mobile app version of Logic Pro X, but there is an app called Logic Remote that you can use to control a Logic session on your computer. 

You can use Logic Remote on either an iPhone or an iPad. It is convenient to record something in your studio when you are a couple of feet or more away from your computer. 

To use Logic Remote, you must connect both of your devices (Mac computer and iPad/iPhone) to the same WiFi network. 

Using Logic Remote to control your Logic Pro session externally can save you time and in-studio stress. 

Logic Remote App

Related Questions

Do You Recommend Audio/Music Production On An iPad?

Not necessarily. I prefer to work on music on a laptop or desktop computer, not a tablet.

This is because I wouldn’t say I like producing music on a small screen. I would much rather use a computer screen! 

However, if you do not currently have a laptop or desktop computer, producing music on an iPad is still a viable option. One drawback is that not a ton of DAWs are available for iPad: not yet, at least. 

While you can totally produce music using an iPad, I prefer using a computer even though it is not as portable. 

What DAWs Have a Mobile App?

Here is a list of different DAWs that you can use for mobile audio/music production:

– FL Studio Mobile
– GarageBand
– Cubasis 3 
– Audio Evolution Mobile Studio
– BandLab
– n-Track Studio
– INTUA Beatmaker 3
– KORG Gadget 2

Although it can be tricky to produce music on a tablet or mobile device, this software can make it much easier!

Do You Recommend Using Logic Remote?

If you are a Logic user, I highly recommend using Logic Remote to externally control Logic Sessions that are running on your computer using your iPhone or iPad.

Logic Remote makes recording away from your computer much easier! Say goodbye to walking back and forth from your computer while recording. 

Also, Logic Remote is entirely free from the Apple App Store. Using Logic Remote to control a Logic Pro X session externally is a no-brainer!

Do Mac Computers Come With Logic Pro X?

Unfortunately, Logic is not included with any Mac computers; it requires you to make an additional purchase.

Logic Pro X costs $199.99 from the Apple App Store. Logic Pro is an outstanding DAW that is well worth the cost!

Does Logic Pro X Come With a Software Instrument Collection?

Logic Pro X has an incredible collection of software instruments, audio samples, and loops that you can use to enhance your music production. 

While other DAWs require you to spend money on expensive audio samples and virtual instruments, Logic comes with everything you need to produce high-quality music. 

Is GarageBand As Good As Logic Pro X?

GarageBand is not even close to being as good as Logic Pro X.

Although GarageBand is a decent digital audio workstation (especially for beginners), it does not have the same features and flexibility that Logic does.

This is probably why GarageBand comes free with Mac computers, but Logic does not.

Logic Pro X is a much better DAW than GarageBand.

Will Logic Pro Ever Be Available For The Windows Operating System?

Although there is no way of telling the future, I can confidently answer that Logic Pro will never be available for any operating system other than the Mac OS.

This is because Logic is Apple’s proprietary software, and they have no reason to sell it to Windows. In fact, Logic, only available for the Mac OS, offers an extra incentive for consumers to buy Apple computers.

While it would be great for music producers everywhere, I doubt Logic Pro will ever be available for Windows. 

Talking about operating systems… Check this article on what is the best OS for music production.

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