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Can Gaming Laptops Be Used For Music Production? (Deep-Dive)

Typically, you can use a gaming laptop for music production because it has more advanced specifications than a regular laptop. Music/audio production requires sufficient RAM (Random Access Memory), processing power, and memory storage. A gaming laptop usually has all three. 

Using A Gaming Laptop For Music/Audio Production

A powerful computer to handle music production can require a pretty hefty investment.

Thankfully, if you already have a decent gaming laptop, you probably don’t need to buy a second computer for music/audio production. 

I know how expensive music production gear can be, so there is nothing better than saving a few bucks!

In this deep-dive analysis, we will look at why gaming laptops are suitable for music production.

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Music Production?

Can Gaming Laptops Be Used For Music Production

Gaming laptops perform at a much higher level than a standard laptop computer, so they will usually be powerful enough to use for audio/music production. 

However, remember that some brands are more suitable for music production than others.

A solid gaming laptop usually has plenty of RAM (Random Access Memory), internal storage spacebattery life, and a strong CPU (Central Processing Unit).

These three components are significant factors in having a capable music production computer.

Let’s look at what these components are essential when producing music.


Ram Sticks

Random access memory is a type of memory that your computer’s OS (Operating System) uses to access files and data stored on your computer. 

Having a lot of RAM allows you to run large project files and open them very quickly. The more RAM you have, the faster your computer can perform

You should have at least 8GB RAM for music production, but if you are a serious music producer, I recommend something like 16GB RAM and up. I have 32GB RAM myself, and even then, I sometimes wish I had gone for 64GB!

RAM is one of the main specifications for a music production laptop. It is pretty standard for a gaming laptop to have plenty of RAM.

Internal Storage

HDD and SSD storage

Internal storage is the amount of space your computer’s hard drive has to store files, projects, data, etc.

When it comes to gaming, it is vital to have plenty of SSD storage on your computer to have room for all of your games and whatnot. 

The same thing is true for music production. 

Storage space is key!

I recommend having at least 1TB (Terabyte) of space for music production on your computer. However, if you are producing music often, I recommend something like 2TB or more. 

I went with 1TB SSD storage when I purchased my current computer, and I wish I had gone with 2 or 3 TB instead; it’s filling up quickly!

Gaming laptops will often have tons of internal storage, which is also very important for a music production laptop.

Battery Life

Long battery life is an important thing to look out for in a music production computer, especially if you plan on producing music on the go where there is no electricity.

Nothing is worse than having a laptop that seems to die right after you start using it. 

Because gaming laptops usually have a pretty solid battery life, they are also useful for music production. 


Intel i9 9th Gen CPU Chipset

A solid central processing unit is another vital component for a gaming laptop/audio production computer.

Your central processing unit is the part of your computer that processes and executes operations.

It’s hard to say precisely how fast of a CPU you need, but I recommend having at least a 3.2 GHz processor or higher. 

I currently have a 3.2 GHz processor that can also boost up to 4.6GHz, and it has served me quite well for music production.

A fast CPU is very common in most gaming laptops, so they will usually be great for music production and not just gaming.

Because of their enhanced specifications and features, gaming laptops are also great for music production.  

Reasons Not To Use Your Gaming Laptop For Music Production

While gaming laptops are usually a solid option for music/audio production, there are a few drawbacks to using your gaming laptop to produce music. 

Here is a list of reasons why you might not want to use your gaming laptop for music production:

  • Because they are not technically for music production, your gaming laptop might have a noisy fan you will pick up while recording. This will affect your audio quality slightly, and you might have to do extra EQ work to compensate; this is not ideal.
  • Using a laptop for gaming and music production will probably use a ton of internal storage space. This will lead to problems down the road.
  • Gaming laptops typically have an upgraded graphics card that you don’t need for music/audio production. Using a gaming laptop with upgraded graphics for producing music might be a waste.
  • Some brands, such as Alienware, are unsuitable for music production due to severe latency issues.

Although you can probably get away with using your gaming laptop for music production, I recommend you consider having two separate computers for these activities, even though it is not financially ideal.

Best Laptop For Music Production and Gaming?

As I’ve discussed above, gaming laptops usually have enhanced specifications, which can be pretty handy for producing music.

Here are some of the best laptop options for gaming and music production.

  1. The Acer Nitro 5 is a pretty solid computer, especially considering its relatively low price. 
  2. The Razer Blade 15 is another solid option for a beginner gaming/music laptop.
  3. The Lenovo Legion 5 takes us a bit higher up the RAM ladder than the previous suggestion and has mostly good reviews.
  4. The Asus ROG Strix G17 has an 8-core processor and 64GB of RAM, which makes it a certified beast as far as I’m concerned! 
  5. The ASUS CUK ROG Strix Scar 17 is a bit pricey, but it has a 14-core i9 processor and 64GB of RAM. That is some pretty serious power, especially for a laptop! 

Because of the advanced specifications on these computers, such as their CPUs, their RAM, and their internal storage, you can easily use them for music production and gaming. 

However, make an effort to keep your computer organized. You can probably get away with using it for gaming and producing music.

Are Alienware Laptops Good For Music Production?

Alienware is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality gaming laptops, but they are not nearly as suitable for music production. 

Many users have reported that they suffer from significant latency issues; this is not acceptable for recording and producing music.

Keep in mind that the brand can matter just as much as the computer’s specifications when it comes to a music production computer.

Alienware’s founders started the company in 1996. Although it has been an authority in the gaming industry since its computers are not very capable of music production.

Are Razer Laptops Good For Music Production?

Razer Blade 17 Gaming Laptop: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti - 12th Gen Intel 14-Core i9 CPU - 17.3" 4K 144Hz - 32GB DDR5 RAM - 1TB PCIe SSD - Windows 11 - Chroma RGB - Thunderbolt 4 - SD Card Reader

Yes, plenty of users have reported that Razer laptops are great for music production and not just gaming. 

They are usually quite powerful computers and do not suffer any inherent problems related to producing music.

As long as you ensure that the Razer laptop you are looking at has enough RAM, processing power, and storage, it should be a competent audio production computer to add to your rig. 

Because Razer laptops do not suffer the same latency issues as Alienware laptops, they are a solid option for music production. 

Are HP Gaming Laptops Good For Music Production?

HP - Pavilion 15.6" Gaming Laptop - AMD Ryzen 5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 - 256GB SSD - Shadow Black

I think an HP gaming laptop can definitely double a good music production computer. 

HP laptops are powerful, capable, and free of any serious issues relating to music production, unlike Alienware and its ongoing latency problem. 

I wouldn’t necessarily say an HP laptop is my number one choice for a music production computer. Still, it is not a bad one! 

Are MacBooks Worth It For Music?

2021 Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, Apple M1 Pro chip with 10‑core CPU and 16‑core GPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD) - Silver

This depends on how serious of a producer you are. MacBooks are notoriously great for music production. 

Although I have a Mac Mini and not a MacBook Pro, I must say that I love Apple computers for music/audio production in general. 

Not only can the MacBook Pro and Apple computers, in general, handle some pretty serious projects due to their powerful processors and advanced design, but they can also run Logic Pro, unlike Windows or Linux-based computers.

Logic Pro is an incredible music production software. You can only use it on Apple computers, which makes investing in one much more worthwhile.

In my opinion, the main downside to buying a MacBook is that they are pretty expensive compared to some other computers.

If you are a serious producer looking to invest in a kick-ass music production laptop, the Apple MacBook Pro is definitely worth it.

What Laptop Do Music Producers Use?

If I had to pick one laptop that most professional music producers use, I would have to go with the MacBook Pro from Apple. 

The Apple MacBook Pro is, in my opinion, the best laptop for producing music.

The MacBook Pro is an incredible computer for music production because of its battery life and sheer processing power. 

Look no further than the MacBook Pro if you want a tried and true music production laptop with serious power. 

Is a Desktop Or Laptop Computer Better For Music Production?

Is a Desktop Or Laptop Computer Better For Music Production

Both desktop and laptop computers have pros and cons for music production. 

Let’s take a look!


Here are the pros and cons of having a desktop computer for music production. 

  • Looks a bit more professional in a studio setup 
  • Typically easier to upgrade
  • Much less portable
  • Will turn off during a power outage (this can cause you to lose work)
  • It takes up more physical space


Here are the pros and cons of having a music production laptop. 

  • Very portable, which makes working on the go easy
  • It will stay turned on during a power outage since it runs off battery power. 
  • Looks a bit less professional than having a nice desktop computer for your studio
  • A bit harder to upgrade or add parts

While you can use either a laptop or desktop computer for music production, you should take your time and do your research before making a decision. 

Consider what you will use the computer for specifically and go from there.

Related Questions

What Specifications Do You Recommend For a Music Production Computer?

Here are my recommended specs for a music production laptop/computer:
– At least 8GB RAM (16GB RAM or more would be ideal)
– At least 1TB SSD Storage (Solid State Drive Storage)
– A powerful processor 
– Plenty of USB Type C and Lightning USB ports
– A decent enough graphics display (not as necessary for music production)

If your computer does not quite have these specs, don’t worry! You can still try to get into music production on a less powerful computer, but you will run into some issues eventually.

Is Mac or PC Better For Music Production?

This is a matter of opinion rather than fact. Both Mac and PC make computers that are great for music production. 

A music production computer is more defined by its technical specifications than its manufacturer. I recommend purchasing a music production computer based on your preferred operating system.

Remember that you can only use the music production software ‘Logic Pro’ on Mac computers, not PCs.

At any rate, make sure you do plenty of research before investing in a new audio/music production computer; it is a pretty big decision! 

Is 8GB Of RAM Enough For Music/Audio Production?

This depends entirely on whether or not you are serious about music production.
For example, if you are a music production hobbyist and like doing it for fun, 8GB RAM will suit you just fine.

However, suppose you are a professional music producer or are looking to get more into it. In that case, I recommend having at least 16GB of RAM

This is undoubtedly a pretty solid amount, but remember that 32GB RAM or more would be even better. 

Final Words

As we have seen today, you can use a gaming laptop for music production if it has the proper specifications.

Because gaming laptops are usually designed with high performance in mind, they will almost always be powerful enough also to handle music production. 

As long as your gaming laptop has decent technical specifications, you should also be able to use it for audio/music production!

Are you looking for something slightly more substantial than a laptop? Check out this step-by-step guide to building a computer for music production.

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